Friday, November 14, 2008


Why do we do the right things?
Why do we even try?
If no one is going to get hurt by it and no one would care as long as "your heart's right about it" (i.e. you won't get caught), then it should be ok, right? Besides, it's "common sense" to look out for one's own interest. And if it's common, it must be right, right?

We do what is right because we are Christians and who we represent is more important than how we look or what we want.

Christ's name is bigger than we are. We are part of a family whose Father sent His Son to die a horrible death that the world would know his love. Countless people have died for this love and held it as the most dear thing in their lives---despite torture to their death.

Am I just so idealistic? Am I just blowing things out of proportion? Or should we really concern ourselves with how we represent Jesus to the world?

SERIOUSLY...Is not the time short?
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Charli said...

I really enjoyed your post! Particularly the line 'if it's common, it must be right, right?' It made me laugh! We are so lucky in that we have a unique God and He shows us rare love - the difficulty is having the strength to be rare in a world of parity.

And no, I don't think that you are idealistic, I just wish the world lived to glorify the name of Christ instead of their own. Maybe we're both idealistic!

Thanks for your post - I'm looking forward to looking through the rest of them!

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