Thursday, November 13, 2008

Circumventing the Puking Point

One of my favorite new songs has a line in it that involves a man crying out to God: "Please don't let me get the better of me!"

This is one thing has become more and more apparent to me as I move through this journey in life. I have the tendency to rely on myself way too much. I'm an accountant, so I deal in concrete numbers, scenarios and solutions. If something needs to be solved, you just need to force your way through it---make those numbers balance!!!

But, this is not how life works. This is definitely not how God works. He has designed us for himself. So, as I come against all the trials that dizzy me to the puking point, I need to remember that I need to remain in my Bible. This is how God speaks to me. And God, through His word, stops my head from spinning.

The funny part is, why don't I turn to His word in the first place? I know that's where I need to be. Especially with the state of our country and world...
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