Sunday, July 13, 2008

Word to the Goateeless Youth Pastor

Another offering of encouragement...

God, you've told me to preach the Bible, but I don't have a goatee.

I'm like the old church building overshadowed by the modern, multi-functional mega church complex.

I'm a youth pastor, but the youth won't listen. I've never had facial hair that sounds like a farm animal. And I'm not youthful like the youth pastor with the goatee. I'm 47, not 27.

They like his games. They like his up-tempo sermons complete with bingo and charades. They like his youth camp activities. I'm too old to even keep up with that stuff.

They get bored when I preach the Bible.

I'm afraid my youth group just isn't relevant enough for today's youth. What did you say, God? Yes, the cross is always relevant. It never goes out of style. Your deeds will be remembered for eternity.

What, God? What was that? Yes, you're right. The Bible is the only thing that matters. The Bible is simple enough for even a child to understand.

I guess that if youth can't listen to the word of God alone, they must be incredibly lazy, which is childish; or unable to comprehend what even a child finds simple, which is embarrassing.

To the goateeless youth pastor: Preach Christ and Him crucified.
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HisBeloved said...

I chose you again, this time for an award. All the details are on my blog. *heart*

Domestically Inclined said...

For an emergent age college student, you should be with Goatee, and speaking with words like Jello that can't be nailed to the wall, wandering on a journey redefining terms to suit your own lifestyle... Ahhh, BUT GOD!

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