Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Snowflakes at the Gas Station

Another offering of metaphorical proportions...

It's too early to be out in the biting cold. Bed felt so much better, but you've forgotten that now that college has consumed your life. Another morning drive back to campus as you leave your family and friends behind. Time to rush on to the next class and the next lecture. With all the rush, it's comical that the only time you have a brief second to pause is while your gasing up at the local station, before the sun rises, bundled up in your winter jacket. Not even your cell phone can get you now. You'd get arrested if you used it and anyone you would want to call would be in bed at this ungodly hour anyway.

This brief break allows your thoughts to wander, pouring over all the duties and tasks that will consume your day. How long does it take for a car to gas up? You need to get going; you need to finish a paper before your first class! The deluge frustrates you to tension you never signed up for. How will you get through school? How will you even get through Calculus? Will you even have a job after this? Will you ever pay back your student loans? Will your body even make it through college with all the caffeine you've pumped into it?

And then, something lands gently on your nose. You break out of your seething struggle to find that it's snowing. Though the night has not yet released it's grip on the town, the soft, yellow glow of the street lamp ricochets off of the army of snowflakes falling to earth.

The flakes are a white tangle. Like many cars rushing around in all directions without traffic signals. In all this chaos, a soft voice whispers a revelation: "I know the path of every snowflake".

God knows every hair on your head and the path of every snowflake. He sees your struggle; your efforts are not unnoticed. And He sees the end of it all. He saw it before you were born.

He accurately knows the chaotic path of a multitude of snowflakes. With this in mind, the pang of your problems fades away. Suddenly, the cold has lost its chill. The peace that passes all understanding is here again. And you have the strength for today.
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Domestically Inclined said...

It's amazing how snowflakes can turn your gaze upward where it belongs. Jesus is coming back soon!

HisBeloved said...

A beautiful post, dearest. And a timely reminder always.

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