Thursday, July 3, 2008

Google Stephen Hardy Today!

Another offering while I don't not ponder double negatives...

I've noticed a strange occurrence recently.

Not like I keeping waking up thinking my name is Ginger, strange, but strange nonetheless.

People keep searching for Stephen Hardy on Google.

Apparently there is a large subsection of the population, all over the country, who have this overwhelming desire to track down Stephen Hardy using Google.


The name is not famous. It's not like my name is plastered on billboards pushing various caffeinated beverages. There are no movie stars by that name. No sports stars. No chefs on the Food Network or politicians. At least that I know of...

Am I in trouble somewhere? Are you desperately trying to contact me? Have you found my bestest watch ever, that had little dinosaurs on it, that I left in a hotel room when we were vacationing in Montana? I loved that thing...Cried for days...Anyway, if you are trying to return it to me, you sure get around because the hits to my blog are nationwide. Slow down. You'll give yourself a nervous breakdown.

Or is the reason Stephen Hardy is getting googled because the name just popped into your head when you were thinking of someone interesting to google? Did the name come mysteriously out of the blue like Furbies?

The question is though, why don't you stay? Whenever my name gets googled, no one sticks around to read any offerings. It's as if you think "I want to google someone. What's a completely innocuous name? How about Stephen Hardy? Perfect! I wonder what a blog by a guy named Stephen Hardy would look like? Here it is...Oh, no way! This blog bites! Not that Stephen Hardy, I want another one."

Also curious is the fact that there are never other words attached in the search. I never get "Stephen Hardy+Circus Clown" or "Stephen Hardy+The Intriguing One". Also, lacking is a search for "Stephen Hardy+Bestest watch ever lost in Montana". I guess that last one's no surprise...It's as if you know exactly which kind of Stephen Hardy you're looking for, but for some reason I disappoint.

Seriously though, I don't know who you're looking for, but I'm glad that you keep coming! If you can't have posts that intrigue people, your name might as well, huh? If you like my name so much---and went through the effort to google it---stay a while. Sign up for updates from the blog. See what other things this Stephen Hardy blogs about.

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