Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Milk or Meat with the Gunpowder?

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Another offering while it's still legal to do so....

Iran is capable of firing missiles at Israel. Israel is preparing for a strike. The United States still claims Israel is their friend. Russia declares Iran is the sweet, innocent child.

Something bigger than our iPods, high cholesterol, and tv shows is about happen.

In these times, what sort of men and women should we be?

If we are Christians, we could start by acting like Christians.

Or are we going to choose to keep bickering about others; complaining to God that we're not getting our way? We need the Bible. We need a deep relationship with Christ.

We are not strong enough on our own; we can't survive away from the vine.

We need to through off our disgusting charades, using grace as a cloak for maliciousness. Are we done feeding on milk yet? Are we ready to graduate to meat?

Time is short. Today is the day to live for Christ!


4 HIS Glory!!! said...

ABBA, that we Christians would keep the Main thing the MAIN thing!
Loving & Serving JESUS!!!

Marsha said...

Here's two awards for your blog! See it at my blog.

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