Sunday, June 1, 2008


Another offering while I take one more baby step...

This is the name of a real city in Germany: Gottlieben.

"Gott" is "God" in German.


"lieben" technically means "to love" in German. But for the purposes of this post, I'm thinking of it as just "Love". This stretch will grind on your nerves if your a language buff like me, but I needed a blog entry, so....

I'm looking surprised in the picture because I thought it was so great that a city would name itself "God Love". It's not quite "God loves" as far as my extent of German grammar takes me, but it feels like it's close. Feel free to correct me at any time...

Isn't God's love surprising just like this city? How many times have you been angry with God? Listen, we aren't anything special to begin with. We whine, complain, make messes left & right, can't tie our own shoe laces & stupidly repeat mistakes. Dogs are better than that (though most don't wear shoes).

Yet, God still loves us.

I'm starting to see every day a little bit more about how God sees us through being a father to my baby girl. I just know she's going to make mistakes just like I mentioned above, but there's something inside of me that says no matter what, "I will still love you". And that's like God Love. Although, we as humans still need training wheels. We are nowhere near loving like God does.

Imagine loving Hitler.

It would truly take God Love for that.

I guess it's fitting the citizens of this German city would name themselves God Love. Maybe they understood something I am still continuing to grasp:

God's love is deep enough even for Hitler.

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