Sunday, May 11, 2008

This is your Brain on Tax Season, Part 2

Another offering while I recover from the realization that there are two baseball teams in Chicago. When did they get another one?

So, English is a funny thing...I never thought articles were that important.

(Articles can be definite articles "the" or indefinite articles "a" or "an")

No big deal between "the" and "an" you say? Well consider this.

While working on taxes this past busy season I came across a situation in which someone wanted to save for their retirement. They wanted to use an IRA.

Then the importance of articles hit me.

Look at these 2 sentences:

"I would like to contribute to an IRA"

"I would like to contribute to the IRA"

In one sentence you're saving for your retirement, but if you're not careful, in the next sentence, you're making a donation to the Irish Republican Army.

Just as a side note...I don't think that donation would be deductible....

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