Friday, June 27, 2008

On the Scissor Field

Another offering while we all wait for the Rapture...

Today was rough wasn't it? You didn't see the truck coming and now all the glass sits like open scissors on the pavement. The sun sets on the shimmering field that was once your window.

Another perfect day is ending.

It wouldn't be so bad except that the unsaved keep talking about you behind your back. Why is it that the one with the honey-tongue got the raise? You were the one that gave up your weekends.

And what of the other Christians? Why have they forsaken Biblical reasoning to follow the intestinal pull of the spirits they claim are holy? When did man's reason become wiser than God's word? Why the incessant stabbing from verbal rapiers every time you bring light to their actions? You understand that you make mistakes too. You're not questioning their salvation; just a gentle reminder of our mutual call to holiness. You spoke in love---and spoke privately; you didn't call every friend in your cell phone list.

All of these thoughts burn ten fold as your concussion reminds you of the field of glass. The sun, like your final glimmer of hope, is almost gone and the chill of evening is setting in. Maybe living for God isn't everything you thought it was. Why not be like the other Christians? Gold drips from their every fingertip, changing every project into success.

You tried to be a faithful servant---and everyone treated you like one.

But, then again, isn't that the point?

Didn't Jesus guarantee that you would have trials in this world?

You are not the last of the faithful. God has many more who have not yet bent their knee to the world. Push forward in Jesus' name and live for Him.

Get up and boldly leave this scissor field.

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