Thursday, May 15, 2008

Keep It Fun

Another offering while I got the chance...

It seems to me more and more in the Church today that Christians are fixated on being happy and having fun. We never want to be told the bad news. Besides, we have enough bad news worrying about our figure.

Keep it light, keep it lite & keep it fun.

But, aren't bad times what we're promised as Christians? Didn't Jesus tell us that on this earth we would have tribulations? Perhaps I'm mistaken. The Jesus of today's Church would have never said that.

The Jesus in the Church today is the Jesus that will allow anything. Nothing seems to bother him. He's "down" with everything and keeps that angry, judgmental God off our backs. He's like the kid who says, "Look guys, I'll talk to Him. I know what to say to my Dad. It's cool." He'll get us off the hook.

But that Jesus is not the real Jesus. The real Jesus is the one that will be coming back to earth someday to judge those that have refused to believe in what He did on the cross and surrender their lives to Him. He is going to mow down people by speaking. Mowing means blood.

But blood isn't fun. Living by what God says in the Bible isn't fun.

But, that's OK. In today's Church, Jesus is fun loving, which is great because, well, we love fun. And since, the rest of the Church wants to have fun, no one hassles anyone about the fact that Jesus isn't all about what is fun or makes us feel good (and thinner) ---except for those really pesky people that speak up and claim we should follow what the Bible says.

Those people don't understand fun.

We're Americans. Wars hardly ever touch our soil. We've never had to say good-bye to our children as we're ripped from them and herded onto trucks bound for concentration camps.

Of course, we do have rising gas prices...

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