Thursday, May 29, 2008

Downhere---CD Give Away! FREE!

Another offering while I consider how Downhere has changed, shaken, refocused & challenged my life...

Ever heard of Downhere?

They're a Christian band from Canada (hockey fans!!!) that have greatly influenced my life. They are lyrically unashamedly Christian in a time when vague references to "spirituality" offer better sales.

They pour their hearts into what they do even when a song's subject matter is hard to digest. It seems like they go through situations a year or so before I do so that by the time it's my turn, the resulting songs minister to me during the storm.

In May of 2006, they released the album Wide Eyed & Mystified and the rest is history. Now, after 2 years, they are giving their CD away! You can download it during the month of June. Check out the blog link below for more details.

FREE Downhere CD

They have a new album coming out in September so they wanted to give everyone a chance to hear their last CD.

Check it out!

Maybe it will minister to you as well!

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