Monday, March 3, 2008


So I struggled and struggled with what I should write for the title of my first post after my return to blogging.

Well, after much debate with myself, I gave up and settled on the first thing that came to mind. I hope you like it...


Well, God has been showing me things the past few weeks. I had been unemployed for a while and during that time I didn't have insurance. I felt like God was telling me to leave my last job and move on to the next thing He had for me. What was the next thing? He didn't tell me. So, then came the time of waiting with no insurance.

Then, I got a job.

Then, I learned that the insurance wouldn't kick in until a day after my baby's due date.

Then, the next day my baby girl came early.

Then, came the hospital stay.

Then, the bill.

I know for sure that God told me to leave my old job and enter the time between jobs. Though I didn't have insurance, I knew God would take care of my family. God had assured me of this.

Then, why did God let my baby go into the hospital exactly when I didn't have insurance to cover the expenses? You may be thinking, "C'mon God, aren't you supposed to help those that trust in you? Where were you when the baby was born? "Where God guides, God provides, right?" C'MON!!!

Wait! Stop and think about it for a second...

God has said that He will never leave me nor forsake me and that He will take care of my needs.

Isn't the provision of a new job and the health to get up and go it God's provision?

We're used to the stories of missionaries who trusted in God and because they did, someone magically shows up at their door and offers them money to provide for their needs. While God does provide this way sometimes, this is not exclusively how He operates. It's easier for us that way for sure. Having someone give us the money to pay for hospital bills is great, working day in and day out during the busy tax season isn't.

But, if we don't get the easy way out, does this give us any reason to complain to God and accuse Him of not providing?

Remember, He holds the breath we use to whisper at Him.

By the way, baby's aliments kept arising and then leaving just as quickly as they came. 6 days later she was released because they ran out of reasons to keep her there.

Also by the way, through hard work, both in the present and past, using the health God has given me, the hospital expenses look as if they may disappear.

This time, the hard way; but in every time, His way!

Praise God!

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