Thursday, January 3, 2008

Something or Someone

We all desire to be be someone.

Inside every one of us lies the desire to be viewed as the best in our careers, hobbies and ambitions. We want to be thought of as someone who knows what they're doing. We have the experience. We have the eloquence. We truly understand human nature. We wouldn't dare raise our hands and claim it before the congregation, but we really are somewhat above average. If anyone is paying attention, they would realize that we really DO have something to offer.

Human nature leads us to focus this way.

We need to stop focusing on ourselves because we are all DIRT.

God does grant us gifts that allow us to be useful in different ways. Having the gift isn't sin, believing that the gift makes us someone special and grants us superpowers is.

But aren't we glad God's grace is upon us if we truly are born again? We are dirt, but because Christians are the children of God, the grace of a heavenly Father is still there!

Let's change our focus.

We are dirt. (I've written it 3 times now, has it sunk in?) Nothing we create on earth makes the fact any less clear that the Creator is worthy of praise. Nothing we do can affect the act of forgiveness that was done on the cross.

This is not a sad view of life. (It might cause us to discard our precious self esteem though.) Since we are nothing, but God is everything; and we fail because we are dirt, but God's grace covers us, we can live a life of freedom doing God's will instead of our own!

Happy New Year!

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