Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Post of Political Proportions

With all the political banter going back and forth, I thought maybe I could throw in my two cents. I know what you're thinking. Oh great! I've been waiting to hear what he has had to say for a while now...there was sarcasm somewhere in that last sentence...

With all the candidates out there vying for the top place in our government, what about the throne of our hearts?

Being actively involved in deciding who should be the next leader of our nation is important---don't get me wrong---but when all this is said and done who's going to be in charge?

If we believe God is still the One calling the shots, wouldn't it make sense to focus on making sure that we are on the same page as He is? If there's sin in our hearts as Christians, have we confessed it? If we haven't surrendered our pride and received Jesus as our personal Savior, isn't it about time? matter who is at the head of our nation in the coming months, the One who made the earth will still be in true control.

There seems to be a lot of faith placed in the faith of who is elected next. The cries are heard, "What if a non-Christian is elected? Our whole nation will crumble!" Our nation will surely be affected, but what I think is more scary is when the cheers are heard, "I hope a Christian is elected. He'll make everything right!"

Where is our faith based? Is it in God or man?

Remember the phrase "We the People..."? Though the Constitution of the United States is not scripture, it did have one thing right: the United States consists of the individual hearts of the people---not one president to rule them all...

So upon whom should these hearts rest their faith? Doesn't it make sense that the God Almighty would be a better choice than a simple man?

No matter who gets elected, we must surrender our hearts to God.

If a non-Christian is elected---surrender to God. In the same light, if a Christian is elected, and things seem to ease up a little bit---surrender to God. We are never released from personal responsibility.

Submission of individual hearts to God Himself is the only way that this nation will prosper.

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