Thursday, January 17, 2008

Nobody's Perfect

Perfection is the measure...and we will never reach it. As the old adage says, "Nobody's perfect." One sin makes us worthy of Hell. And we are all sinners.

Yes, we are. Denying it doesn't change anything. Lying only makes it feel better for a little while.

Every time we don't forgive, it's sin. Every time we get angry with another person just because something they are doing convicts us (even if we don't say anything...), it's sin. Every time we lie, we sin. Is this clear enough? "But, the person deserved it and it was only a white lie." Oh, that's right. I forgot. As long as we think the sin isn't bad, it's ok. Since when have the rules been up to us?

God says in the Bible, we really are all sinners.

In all honesty, every one of us deserves to die. To be even more graphic, we deserve to be crucified and forgotten forever in an unmarked grave. We think we're something special, but we deserve all this and more. If you say, "I don't believe you", then you are sadly deceived. We all deserve include myself! Notice how I use the word "we"? I'm not "holier than you". I'm not beyond this!

Grace is amazing! Though we deserve everything above, God stooped down to this earth and said that He would sacrifice Himself in our place on the cross for everything we have ever done wrong.

What kind of love says something like that? What kind of person sacrifices their own life and takes the punishment of crucifixion for someone who deserves it? Especially when that someone who deserves nothing but crucifixion thinks they can ignore all the rules?

Jesus is that Love and that person. Read about what He did for you in the Bible. Just read the book of John to start out. Every Bible has a table of contents. It's in the New Testament. Look it up when no one else is looking. This is between you and God anyway.

If you do read about Jesus and what He did for you and you want to start a new life, then drop me an email: I'll try and help answer any questions you may have.

Jesus loved you the day you were born. Jesus loved you when you hated Him. Jesus loves you even now.

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